Book Read: Who stole my India ?

On April 29, 2014 by admin

This is the 2nd book I read recently which spoke about travelling around India. The first being Around India in 80 trains by Monisha Rajesh. Nice book that.

I had not heard of this book or author till I attended the Motorcycle Travellers Meet 2014. Amit was one of the speakers and he read an excerpt from the book. It helped that I met him before I read the book because it provided a ‘personal perspective’ since the book is his personal experience retold.

The book, published entirely by him has an interesting tagline- Revelations, Humiliations and Hallucinations on two wheels. That in essence sums up the entire tale of Amit and Kaya (his motorbike) who undertook a journey of over 40000 kms across India. As he says it, “all around the world in India”.

The book is written in a very easy manner, making it extremely easy to read and light on the brain. It’s not deep with analysis or frivolous with details and you could take it up as a travel tale or as a book about our country and its people. It’s liberally dosed with both- places and people. That is what I liked about it. It seems honest and yet entertaining, without passing judgment. Here is how you could see this book as;

  1. A guidebook to getting the best hash and ‘boom’ in the country!
  2. A travelogue of the roads less travelled in India
  3. A tale of self discovery
  4. A story of our country and how there are many different countries within it

You can get what you want, 1 or all of the 4 points mentioned above. I found this book quite enjoyable to read and my only gripe would be that it’s more entertaining and less inspiring (I am possibly finding something to gripe about because I am writing a review). On second thoughts maybe that’s just what the author wanted to do, share an experience and leave it to the reader to take what he or she wants. I only wish there was more about food in it. After all our country is defined by the distinctive cuisine in each region, but that’s just me. The book is definitely worth a read. And the proceeds go to a good cause.



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