About me


Vedavyasa (Ved)

I  am called Vedavyasa (Name comes from “a profound author of one of the greatest Indian epics Mahabharata”). I believe in learning, passion and now in biting the ‘Apple’. I believe social media is not just hype, but a phenomenon that is changing the way the world connects. It is a religion for the unknown. But of course more B2C than B2B for ROI.

This is not a website or a blog but a place where I feed my soul with creative thoughts energized with RED BULL… And you can pick my brains for all that marketing, media, advertising, movies and social media has to offer.

Welcome to my little dot on the web, for all that I share.

Thinker, Blogger, Marketer, Creator, Student, Worker, Reader and Royal Enfield fan! Am curious & fascinated by media, marketing & advertising.

What am I doing now?

My blood cells are thinking about how I can learn all about B2B marketing, branding & communication in the IT Services business. My initiatives in the past have resulted in bringing marketing concepts to the recruitment function, experiment with innovative brand positioning, communicating with the world using new media.

What interests me?

Movies (www.likeweseeit.com), Blogging (www.mattersmind.com), Surfing (the internet), Reading (actual hard copy books), Gaming (Xbox 360 now, PS3 it used to be), Apple products, Royal Enfield Classic 500 and photography are my current interests. I attempt to listen to music or follow a sport but miserably fail. I do enjoy my food and try my hand at maintaining fitness.

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